New air ambulance supporters off to a flying start

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) announced this week that they have welcomed another national supporter to help raise funds for their critical work.

Bidwells property consultants has nominated SCAA as their chosen charity for the next two years and the team is already off to a flying start with 10 members of staff signing up to the Lanrick Challenge.

Representatives from Bidwells, which has four offices in Scotland – Perth, Aberdeen, Fort William and Inverness, visited the charity’s Perth Airport base last week to meet the crew and support staff..

Finlay Clark, Bidwells’ Managing Partner in Scotland said they were ready to get stuck in to help Scotland’s only charity air ambulance:

“As a firm, we are very charity focussed and this year we voted to support SCAA. A lot of our work, and clients, are located in remote areas of the country, so we recognised the synergy between us and SCAA. Their work is critical to the safety of many people in rural areas and we are very enthusiastic to get on board and start raising some money.

“The ambulance flies out of Perth and responds on average to one call out a day, saving and improving hundreds of lives each year. SCAA is entirely funded by the people and companies of Scotland, so anything we can do to support them will ultimately help to keep them in the air and saving lives.”

The first event for the Bidwells’ team is the Lanrick Challenge at Doune on 4 August which is an endurance event billed as Scotland’s most exhilarating wilderness obstacle event.

“We’ve really jumped in at the deep end with the Lanrick Challenge,” continued Mr Clark.

“But I have some very energetic and adventurous colleagues who are looking forward to the event and I hope we can raise plenty of funds for SCAA in the process.” 

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance was delighted to receive the news that Bidwells’ Scotland staff will be supporting them over the next two years. 

The charity’s Chief Executive David Craig expressed their gratitude to Bidwells.

SCAA is a proven life-saving service,” he said. “Yet while it operates as an integral part of the country’s frontline emergency response network, it relies totally on charitable donations to keep it in the air.

Bidwells valuable support will help save a life - we don’t know who and we don’t know where - but every pound we receive helps keep us flying and able to respond to the next time-critical emergency.”

Operational 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, SCAA flies expert paramedic expertise to time-critical emergencies and then take the patient swiftly onwards to hospital.  They serve the whole of Scotland, providing vital resilience to the two government funded air ambulance helicopters (based in Inverness and Glasgow) and are a real lifeline to the remote and rural communities of Scotland.  


1. Some of the The Bidwells’ Lanrick Challenge team met with SCAA at Perth Airport earlier this month. Pictured back, from left are: Paramedic Rich Garside, Bidwells’ Managing Partner Finlay Clark, Head of Estate Management & Professional Ralph Peters, Senior Forestry Consultant Tom Drewett (both Bidwells), Paramedic Wendy Jubb; (front, from left) Senior Forestry Consultant Kate Sheppard, Rural Surveyor Fraser Smith and Forestry Partner Andy Turnbull (all Bidwells).

2. A new partnership with Bidwells and SCAA. Pictured, from left, are: Paramedic Rich Garside, Bidwells’ Managing Partner Finlay Clark, SCAA regional fundraising manager Helen MacGregor and Paramedic Wendy Jubb.


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