As a former employee of the Coastguard service, Anne-Marie (48) is used to summoning helicopters in medivac situations. But the last thing she expected when she set out for her weekly riding lesson was that SCAA would be called on to airlift her after a serious fall.

“I fell off at the canter and landed straight onto my left arm snapping and displacing the humerus bone. A land ambulance crew was quickly on the scene but because of the nature of the break, the pain I was in and the distance to hospital, they elected to call in SCAA.

“They were just amazing. I was very frightened and they put me immediately at ease. I was at hospital within just minutes and getting the rapid and essential treatment I needed for this sort of complicated break.”

Anne-Marie spent eight days in hospital but is confident that being treated quickly will help in the recovery process.

“Having an additional resource in SCAA is a tremendous asset for the whole of Scotland. You never know when you will need it. I’m just glad they were there when things went wrong for me.”