Scottish motorists drive fundraising for country’s air ambulance charity

A UK support partnership between MRH - the country's largest independent petrol station owner and operator - and the Association of Air Ambulances, has seen collecting cans placed in service stations throughout the UK in support of 21 air ambulance charities.

MRH has also introduced an opt-in donation scheme through Pennies whereby those paying by credit card at their stations can choose to add 25p to their bill to support air ambulances.

SCAA is Scotland's only charity funded air ambulance and receives all donations made through MRH north of the Border.

To date, these initiatives have generated over £135,000 with monies continuing to be raised.

To recognise this vital support, SCAA has added the MRH logo to the helicopter exterior for the duration of their partnership - the first air ambulance charity to do so.

Anna Coules, Marketing Director with MRH, visited SCAA to see the company logo in situ.

"It's a great privilege to have MRH featured on SCAA," she said. "It is a very worthy charity and our customers are mainly motorists who know the value of an air ambulance when things go terribly wrong on our roads.

"Customers at our 67 stations in Scotland have proved particularly generous and we’re delighted at the support we have been able to raise for Scotland’s only air ambulance charity.”

SCAA Chief Executive David Craig stressed the value of MRH support to the frontline emergency response charity.

“Road traffic collisions account for more than 20 per cent of SCAA’s 999 workload each year and motorists are very aware  of the life-saving service we provide,” he said.

“The MRH support partnership has provided an avenue for road users to support their local air ambulance charities throughout the UK and SCAA is extremely grateful for the generosity of the Scottish public passing through their service stations.

“It is SCAA’s pleasure to carry the MRH logo on our helicopter air ambulance to mark the tremendous funding stream afforded by their initiative which supports vital life-saving operations.”

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